Tico/Tica: As mentioned, Main People in the us like nicknames on their own and you may Costa Ricans are no exemption

Yuca: Literally “yucca” (this new veggie). Into the Este Salvador they normally use that it keyword to help you indicate “difficult” or hard/difficult. “Este examen fue muy yuca” (the exam is actually very difficult).

Birria: All over Main The united states anybody utilize the identity “birra” (regarding the English) alternatively having cerveza, meaning “beer”. With the exception of when you look at the El Salvador where they throw in the excess syllable having fancy feeling.

Chupar: Chupar ‘s the verb “to help you bring”, used oftentimes into the a sexual method (this is exactly a household site very I’ll say no more than that). But anyone who talks Spanish knows what i mean. When you look at the Este Salvador, in the event, this is certainly a jargon name definition “drink”. Like, for anything (the new verb) maybe not a certain drink (the latest noun).


Nica: This can be easy. Nica represents Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan). It’s exactly what Nicaraguans name by themselves and every most other since an issue off pleasure. Please note Nica means each other male and female. There is absolutely no “Nico/Nica” procedure going on. Along with, instance “Catracho” in Honduras, Nicas utilize it to spell it out some thing Nicaraguan.

Chele/Chela: Chele originates from “leche“ (milk – trading the brand new syllables doing). What along with is milk? Yep, it’s Nicaraguan jargon to possess light/blonde anyone. If you find yourself light or blonde during the Nicaragua, they will certainly phone call your chelemon plus from inside the Este Salvador.

Dale ya que/Virtual assistant ya que: Which expression is much more wider-founded, however, fundamentally form – depending on framework – “just do it” or “why don’t we do it!” and other form of contract. Nicaraguans will not pronounce the newest “s” towards the avoid out of conditions, so that the “pues“ might sound particularly “poo-eh”.

Costa Rica

It label themselves Ticos/Ticas inside the honor of federal practice of adding a diminutive suffix to help you terms and conditions in order to signify passion and you can cuteness. Like “perro“ (dog) will get “perrito“ (attractive absolutely nothing dog).

Mae: You are able to hear “mae“ a lot within the Costa Rica. I mean a great deal. Including with datingmentor.org/escort/portland the avoid of any sentence when you’re conversing with some body avove the age of forty and between almost every other term if you’re talking-to people in ages of 40. It indicates “buddy” or “mate”.

Pura vida: Another thing you’ll pay attention to to discover every-where for the Costa Rica. “Pura vida“ (sheer lives) may be the federal motto. It means everything and nothing. “Hello”. “Goodbye”. “That is chill”. “That is lifestyle”. “I don’t proper care”. “It is all an excellent”. Pura vida means the brand new Costa Rican therapy to be chilled out. Sometimes it form you might be so chilled away you don’t care and attention. Fun truth: It comes down out of a good 1950s North american country movie and extremely doesn’t have anything related to Costa Rica.

Tuanis: Of a lot envision “tuanis” comes from brand new English terms “too nice”. And that kinda sorta refers to the definition of it. Tuanis form “cool”, “good”, “nice”, all of that confident content. When someones states tuanis to you they aren’t unhappy, place it in that way. But it is absolutely nothing at all to do with some thing when you look at the English. Ignore “too sweet”. Tuanis arises from armed forces password produced by 19th century Salvadoran General Francisco Malespin, where he swapped up to syllables so you can terminology which will make brand new ones. Too difficult to go into right here, however, a beneficial 2014 post about Tico Minutes refers to they very really.

Mopri: “Mopri” (mo-pri) is actually primo backwards (pri-mo). It is returning to an equivalent code from our friend Standard Malespin. Primo mode “cousin” within the Foreign language but some explore mopri, have a tendency to reduced down seriously to “mop” due to the fact another way regarding stating mae.

Chunche: This is a brilliant Tico tiquisimo (a very Costa Rican term). Zero actual interpretation to help you they, it form “thing” otherwise “whadjamacallit” otherwise “thingamajig” otherwise any type of word you employ for something you don’t know the latest label out of.